Thursday, 30 May 2013

3 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas... that are not Music related!

This blog is going to go off kilter a bit and avoid all things music like the plague :) I've noticed lately a lot of sites that are talking about hiring out something different for weddings, and, I happen to quite like these smaller niche type markets where the weird and wacky are the norm... so, I did a bit of research and out of all my findings I reckon these 3 wedding entertainment ideas are pretty dang cool!

1. A Freak Show! Yes, you heard me right, a freackin' Freak Show. Now, I don't mean 'Lobster Boy' or 'The Bearded Lady' (even though I know one of the latter), I mean a show that is pretty wedding friendly but does have some twists and turns that will make your guests go 'Oooh' and 'Arrrr' and 'URGH!' en route to a finale. There are some great ones out there but this is one I recommend checking out:

2. Living Tables! You heard me right Living Tables... lol! Tables... that... are... oh, it's easier to show you a photo:

Living tables are a fantastic idea to add at your wedding drinks reception (or, at a corporate event).
They come in loads of colours and also lots of designs so to add a unique idea to your wedding check them out on the Web. A great way to serve your guests welcome drinks or a little snack. But, my question is, what happens if they need the loo? :)

3. Photobooths! Yep, photobooths are really growing in popularity so it may be worth booking one now before they become the norm (anyone remember chocolate fountains for example?!). There are lots of variations on a theme when it comes to photobooths - you can have the dressing up ones, you can have the group ones, you can have backdrop ones and you can even have ones where your head is superimposed onto little dancing bodies via green screen technology. So, if you are looking for something different for a wedding it is well worth having a scout around this idea and seeing what slight variations there are that would suit your particular event or theme.

And, that's it... wasn't too painful was it to not consider music and music for a bit :) Back to normal soon though - oh, and if you have any unique ideas for entertainment be sure to holler up and let me know in the comment box below.

Thanks :)


  1. Such a good post. I really liked going through these 3 wedding entertainment ideas. Want to have something really best for my wedding at one of corporate events NYC. Have also planned to hire a wedding planner for the day.

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