Monday, 15 April 2013

The Best Wedding Bands in Lancashire

Having had a look at some of the great bands in Surrey I thought I'd venture further north to the homeland area... Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Obviously, famed for loads of great popular music from the 60s with The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, etc. (Yep, Liverpool I know, but still North West based bands) right through to the 90s with The Stone Roses, Oasis etc. the North West region has provided a plethora of amazing talent, movements and musicians. There is definitely a vibe about music in the Manchester and North West area, and, funnily enough this even translates through to the cover bands and wedding bands from this region.

Having spoken to a few friends I know who run an entertainment agency I discovered that the best selling cover and tribute bands in the Manchester area are those that portray themselves as almost 'real' bands and not just your average cheesy cover band.

With that in mind I set my mind to thinking about the bands I had seen from this area and I can wholeheartedly agree. There is an attitude that is grittier and without a doubt less cliche than a lot of the bands you are likely to come across in a Google search for wedding bands per se.

Anyway, enough with the rambling already... here are the top 3 wedding bands based in Greater Manchester, Lancashire.

3. The Story (
The Story are a 3 piece, all male Lancashire based wedding band and cover band who have a lot of experience performing at events throughout the whole of the North West. I saw these guys at a public event in Tarporley a while back and they were fantastic. One thing I particulalrly liked about these guys was that the venue was quite small, and also had issues with problem neighbours, which meant the guys had to be careful about their volume. And, they were brilliant! They managed to perform with energy and get everyone on their feet without having to play at ear-splitting volume levels. Anyway, check them out and see what you think:

2. The Kickstarts
The band at number 2 is a 4 piece, all male band with so much energy and FUN that you have to see them to believe it. I caught these guys at a wedding and within the first 2 songs, the tables were empty and the dance floor was full. Great vocals, great musicians and actually really lovely guys as well. I got chatting to them afterwards and they told me they perform in excess of 50 private function gigs every year, which is very impressive. Check out their website to have a liten to them:

1. Friends of the Bride
Before I go any further... Listen to these guys!

Friends of the Bride are a Manchester based wedding and party band. 3 piece, all male... notice the theme here? Yep, it seems that couple getting married and people throwing parties like ALL male bands! Wonder why this is... well, I do have a theory, but I'll save this for a later blog :)

But, FOTB are a band with an edge. They obvioulsy like their rock and this comes through in their music and I think when you hear it you just know that after a wee dram or two, you, your, bride, your guests and even Grandma will be on the dance floor tearing it up!

All 3 bands are great and I would recommend them all in a flash! If you can book them all and have a 'band-off' - OK, so a little ridiculous, but you won't go wrong, be disappointed or have an empty dance floor if you hire any of these bands!

For extra options (you may need them because these bands book up very quickly!) be sure to check out:

Until next time compadres....

Over and out!

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