Wednesday, 27 March 2013

3 Great Elvis Presley Tributes!

The King is dead long live the King! Never has a phrase been uttered more truthfully than when referring to the master himself, Elvis Presley! Although popular when alive, the legend that is Elvis is now held in such high-esteem that he is quite possibly the most loved tribute act on the circuit today.

When looking at the UK there are at least 300 Elvis impersonators roaming the clubs and corporate circuit today. Then, multiply that by amount a gazillion (a genuine number!) in the USA... then triple a gazillion to give you 400 squibillion in Japan and you have an idea that, yep, he is still the King! In this case though, the king of tributes.

So, I thought that I'd knock up a quick top 3 list of the Elvis tribute singers I have stumbled across in my time that I view as the best that the UK currently has to offer. Feel free to agree, disagree or just put lots of spam and stuff in the comments box... anything would be nice though so I don't just feel that I am rambling inanely to myself :)

Right, onwards...

At number 3 I would like to say congratulations to.... Mark Keeley. Mark provides a show that will leave you safe in the knowledge that Elvis will be backed by "Good Rockin` Tonight", one of the most popular Rock`n`Roll bands on the circuit today, with the added feature of keyboards and backing singers. Check out Mark being The King here:

Lee looks and sounds the part... the UKs best Elvis Tribute
At number 2..... It's our old friend Darren! I already talked quite a bit about Darren in an earlier blog, which you can find here, which also includes a video. Darren is truly awesome as an Elvis Presley tribute... but.... there can only be one number one... and, that place goes to.......

The Ultimate Elvis Presley Tribute... LEE! You have to watch Lee's videos, which you can by following this link:

The best young Elvis Tribute act in the UK today, Lee has received awards on behalf of Elvis and modeled Elvis costumes for Elvis Presley Enterprises and appeared on many TV shows (such as 'Heartbeat') and toured the world in various Theatre Shows.

The King is dead, but long live Lee!

I thank you....

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