Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The King Amongst Cover Bands...

The Indie Killers
Good day! So, today I shall start to natter a little about cover bands and more slightly away from the tribute arena. Well, my fave cover band of the last few years is a Sussex based band called The Indie Killers.

Starting with basics, the band is an all male 3 piece group consisting of Drums, Bass/Vocals and Guitar/Vocals. Having seen these guys a few times I also know that there is a pretty good chance that you may also see one of the front men tinkling they keys a little every now and again. The band perform 2 amazing high energy sets of modern day classic Indie rock tracks and throw the odd one or 2 oldies per set as well (The Beatles, The Kinks, T-Rex, etc.). Besides performing contemproary dance floor fillers from bands like The Killers and Kings of Leon the guys also like to take a current pop hit and give it the Indie Killers treatment.

For example, check out their version of Firework by Katy Perry below:

>> Firework by The Indie Killers <<

What I particularly like about this cover band though is that they perform a show. It isn't just rattling through 2 sets and hoping the audience buy into it. They have a carefully structured set (don't get me wrong, that is open to change) and interact with guests quite literally by joining them on the dance floor or at their tables?! Yes, you read me right... the guys all use top-end wireless equipment and so at carefully chosen points of the night they leave the stage (whilst still playing) and take to the floor. Check out some of the piccies below to see just how interactive they can be :)

The other thing that the IKs have taken to doing lately is bringing audience members up on stage to form part of their backing singer entourage. It works a treat and the guests love to see people they know up on stage rocking the mic.

The band is based in Sussex but are more than happy to cover pretty much anywhere in the lower half of the UK. For the right event they will also travel to the ends of the earth :) They have already toured in Europe and performed as match day entertainment for some of rugby's biggest games... that means that they are officially a stadium performing cover band, and there aren't many that can claim that.

As an idea of the kind of things people who have seen The Indie Killers perform say, check out this feedback:

Chris and Chloe Gore, Wedding Event, Lancashire "Words can not express the love we have for this band! Having had some lovely emails and great communication from Damo, they traveled all the way from Brighton to play at our wedding yesterday in Chipping, Lancashire! Bang on time and so lively and chirpy after a long trip. We are so glad we chose them. WHAT A SHOW! So professional yet like best friends. We had the most wonderful evening and the lads made in complete. They didn't even mind me jumping up on stage! Cracking lads, do not hesitate to book them. I'm going to book again at any opportunity! Love to you all and best wishes and so many thanks xxxx"

And, this is just one of absolutely LOADS!

So, The Indie Killers are my recommendation of the day for a great covers band. If you like modern energetic songs, fun, a touch of cool and total and utter crowd interaction... check them out now :)

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