Monday, 18 March 2013

The Best Bands in Surrey

Anthem Band make number 2 for great bands in Surrey
Well, let's have a look at a specific region of the UK where there appears to be a huge amount of cover bands... Surrey! Why is Surrey such a popular haunt for musicians though? Well, proximity to London Town and also just how close it is to many venues, music colleges and general obvious things like that.

So, my particular penchant at the moment is towards cover bands that are around 3-4 piece (live drums for me is a MUST!) and in all honesty, male-fronted. Not sure why I prefer male, I think if I were to fully delve into it, it may just be that most of the bands and singers I listen to are male (The Beatles, Alice Cooper, Mott The Hoople etc....)... anyhoo, I digress...

So, the first band based in Surrey that I find particularly awesome is a band called The Daggers (! Wow! I mean for starters how can you not like a band with such a rock and fricking roll name!!! Anyhoo, the guys are based in Surrey and cover the whole of the South East for Weddings and Parties and any other kind of gathering where live music is required. The guys have a great set-list but focus on Brit-rock and Indie type tunes... thank the Lord... NO SUPERSTITION! YES! Here's a some tunes showing what the guys do best...

Next on my hitlist for great bands in Surrey is a band called Anthem ( Anthem is another 4 piece male fronted band with live drums, guitar, bass and males vox. And, these are FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Anthem are young guys but don't let it fool you! I've seen them tearing it up with the best of them. They have bags of experience between them and can make the most hardened non-dancer crumble and bust the daftest of shapes. Ideal if you really want to get your guests interacting at a wedding or want to impress colleagues with the band you booked for your office Christmas party... yep, check Anthem out!

And, my final choice for awesome bands in Surrey is a 3 piece called The Hype ( This is one seriously talented band and you just have to read their past customer feedback to see just what they are all about. In addition, check the vids below to get an even better idea:

And there you have it. A few of my personal fave bands in Surrey... for more great options (not forgetting that these are all cover bands) check out this link:

Until the next time my friends, keep rocking in the free world!

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