Monday, 11 March 2013

The Best Beatles Tribute Bands

Yep, the title of this blog deffo gives away what it is about :) But, what I can say, I'm a sucker for something easy and straightforward. So, anyway, yes... Beatles tribute bands. There are a lot out there, and when I say a lot I mean a lot. In fact, they must be one of the most covered tribute bands out there, which isn't bad considering how long ago it is that they called it a day!

I've looked around to see which Beatles bands I like the sound and look off and also watched videos, read reviews etc. and so thought I would pop up a list of the top 3 Beatles tribute bands that I came across. I shall start in reverse order and keep them to UK based acts only (I did actually stumble upon a fantastic one based in Argentina! But, figured it might not be easy to hire that band should you fall in love with them. In addition, I will also put value for money and price into the equation. For example, one Beatles band may be 'better' than another, but if their fee is worth taking into account it may mean they rank higher.

So, let us begin....

3. The Cheatles
Well, not only do these guys have a fantastic name for a tribute band to The Beatles but they also have the sound and look to back it up! Based in the North West UK (Rochdale if my memory serves me correctly) also places these guys at least in the right region(ish) to maintain an element of geo-authenticity.

The Cheatles have performed all over the UK and for lots and lots of corporate clients, festivals and private events, such as weddings etc. They definitely get my personal seal of approval as well because once upon a long ago they helped a friend out of a sticky situation who's band had let them down at the last minute. They were lovely, professional and genuinely nice blokes! So, great job The Cheatles! Check them out here...

2. Meet The Beatles
Meet the Beatles are one of my personal fave tributes to The Beatles. These guys have genuinely taken the time to get the right costumes, perfect the harmonies and also use all the original instruments that the guys used back in the day! In fact, such is their authenticity to the cause that the bassist who is right handed has even learnt to play the bass left-handed to get as close to aesthetically looking like Macca himself!

Another good thing about these guys is their fee! For the quality they are one of the most reasonably priced Beatles tribute bands out there. In fact, I have these guys booked for a charity event later this year as well :) Check the guys out here...

1. The Beatlez
The Beatlez are a London based tribute band and they have been my fave Beatles copycats for a good few years now! They used to have a video of them performing Revolution, that has since unfortuntaly disappeared, that was outstanding! But, just to give you a quick idea of their sound, check this out:

A truly professional outfit these guys have performed pretty much all over the world and are lovely to boot! They tribute, with startling detail every Beatles era - the early Rock 'n' Roll days right through to the'Let it Be' rooftop performance.

I would say that for a complete and authentic Beatles' tribute show, The Beatlez are world class and have even performed for high-profile celebrity parties (including Liam Gallagher of Oasis). Check the guys out here for more audio etc...

But, that's it! Just my opinion as always and of course I'm more than happy to hear from Beatles fans or bands with any further recommendations.

For any further tribute bands (Beatles or not) be sure to check out

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