Monday, 4 March 2013

The Best Tribute Band Names

The Rolling Clones
Just as a quick little blog I thought I'd do a quick top 5 list of the best tribute band names I have come across over the years.... there are so many great ones to choose from that I am a little spoiled for choice, but here goes:

5. Are We Them? A Tribute to REM
It has to be said, I never thought I'd miss REM until they went away. They were just always there through my years as both a musician and a punter and I caught a good few tribute bands dedicated to them over the years (Stipe being the best). But, as far as names go, I think 'Are We Them?' is just great :)

4. Motorheadache - A Tribute to Motorhead
Still going strong and louder than ever this is one AWESOME tribute to the great Motorhead. Here's a link to their website: Motorheadache was the first UK based tribute to Lemmy and Motorhead. Set up in August 2003, Motorheadache played over 700 gigs across the UK and abroad until June 2010. A simply apt monicker and so I can't say anymore really :)

3. By Jovi - A Tribute to Bon Jovi
I'm pretty sure that these guys are no longer going - I think the lead singer is still in a Bon Jovi tribute but I wouldn't swear. I caught these guys a few times at a club in Crewe called The Limelight. Great band, great venue and great name purely by it's simplicity. (If anybody knows if the singer is still going let me know because he was awesome and I'd like to see any new BJ tribute he was fronting.)

2. The Rolling Clones - A Tribute to the Rolling Stones
How can you ignore the genius of this name! As far as tribute bands go it doesn't get much better than this. I mean, a tribute to the Rolling Stones and they are taking them off... hence Clones! I know, I know, you didn't need it explaining :) I just felt I needed to justify my choice for this at number 2 :) Great band, still going strong and very, very good live! Check them out here...

Drum Roll please.... so, is number one going to be the Thrash Metal ABBA tribute called Abbatoir? Is it going to be the AC/DC tribute AB/CD, or, will it be the all female Led Zeppelin tribute called Lez Zeppelin? Actually no... it's...

1. Ironically Maiden - A Tribute to Iron Maiden
It's my blog so it's my choice :) haha, I love this name though. I actually bought one of their T-shirts a fair few years ago after seeing them so much was I impressed with both the name and the performance. They were a great band (I don't think they are still going but feel free to let me know otherwise) and really blew the roof off one of my local venues... "Scream for me Crewe!" And how we screamed.

Anyway, that's your lot! Feel free to comment on any other great tribute band names you happen to have come across cos they do make me chuckle.

Also, and I only found this out today, if you are looking to find tribute bands Ticketmaster have a section you can look at. But, do let me know of any other great sites and anything else.


  1. I always quite liked QEII the Queen tribute as well

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